Become a PIA Dealer

Did you know that PIA was once one of the most moderen, and biggest airlines in Asia? Did you know that PIA helped 5 star airline like Emirates to start-up by leasing them aircrafts and guidence. PIA has the potential, and a big market share for Pakistani community around the world. In the future, as Asian countries are growing with foreign investment more and more international companies are moving their production to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc.

Do you wish to become a dealer for PIA? You don't need an IATA approval, all you need is a computer with booking software and we will help you with the rest. We are interested in creating as many sales outlets for PIA as possible for the ease of passengers.
News! We are currently working on a web-interface based system for Travel Agencies who do not have Sabre RED to be able to create and ticket bookings through our website via a graphical user interface without prior knowledge of coding. 

We expect to be online with the system within 2020

Following are requirements:

  • Sabre RED(TM) Bookign system (And a computer to run it on)
  • General knowledge of booking/ticketing system.
  • Registered  company! (Can be Self Employed/ Enkeltmannsforetak)

Are you an aprooved IATA Agent? Depending on the volume of your sale, you can be entitled to corporate fares for Pakistan International Airlines. Our availability is showed in Sabre(TM) Reservation system and will not be available in any other booking system like Amadeus(TM). If you are already using Sabre(TM), you can book the PNR with published fares and be entitled to that fare. If you how ever do not have Sabre(TM) Contract, you may contact SabreRED(TM) for access and fullfill their requirements.

If you are not an approoved IATA Agent, you are not entitled to issue your own tickets. In that case you can issue your tickets through us against a credit limit. You will then get discounted prices for PIA Tickets and they will be issed through GSA Scandinavia.

If you are interested in selling Pakistan Int Airlines, do contact us for furhter information. To consider your application we require following documents:

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Last year's Account balance sheet
  • Any IATA/RGF Certificate (If applicable)
  • Estimates of PK Sales.

For IATA Agents who are given direct access to PK tickets, a bank guarantee will be required. BG will be calculated upon receiving relevant documents from the company and estimates of sales figures on PK segments.

Write a short description about you and your background and send it to Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. to recive information.

Do contact us for more information.