Corporate Info


Company Legal Name:M/s Air International (PVT LTD)
Company Legal Address:Schweigaardsgate 19, 0191 Oslo, Norway
Company Market Name:Pakistan Airlines GSA Scandinavia
Company Bank:Sparebank 1 Oslo
Company CEO:Mr Tariq Mahmood Sheikh


Air International started as a NON IATA Agent in early 2004, as a travel agent. During the years our sales have grown exponentially and the lastest figures today are sales for over 60 Million NOK Anually. Our avegarge sale during a month is more then 3 Millions NOK.

During 2005, we optained IATA approval and started our own ticketing through Amadeus and Sabre Systems. Since the Pakistani market was one of our strong points, we quickly obtained status as a PSA (Passenger Sales Agent) for PIA, with special fares and possibillity to issue discounted tickets.

PIA had no sales office in Norway at that time, and as the market for PIA grew in Norway, PIA started looking for one of the current agents to grant a GSA (General Sales Agent) Approval with system Access to Airline System and other official authorities. GSA is counted as an airline office, and when PIA decided to have a GSA for Norway, Sweden and Baltic countries, we were grated that permission due to our quality of customer service and sales figures.

Today Air International has grown to a fully bred PVT LTD, and holds the GSA Scandinavia Status for PIA. We are the only authority to issue Student Fare, Senior discount tickets as well as disabled discounts etc. If a passenger has bought a ticket online from or otherwise we can monitor and re-issue the ticket.

We provide discounted corporate fares for several travel agents in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

Since March 2012, GSA Scandinavia has also opened a sattelite office in Copenhagen.


Air International continues the gradual growth as we are expanding our business over several territories. We are often approched by Norwegian Travelagents who wants to issue PIA tickets. As the passengers get used to travel point to point rather than hub to hub, the demand for ever growing Pakistan Airlines grows in Europe.

Several airlines have taken up the competition with Paksitan Airlines, with good fares to Pakistan, but Pakistan Airlines in response, have cut down the prices even more, and kept all other rules the same. Not many Airlines give you a standard baggage allowence of 35KG, 1 free change of booking etc.

As PIA grows so does Air International.